Core Exercises Explained

by Dr Calhoun | August 31st, 2011

Core. Most people have heard the term. Few know exactly what it is. Even less know its importance.

What is our core? We all have one. It refers to those outside parts of our body that surround our body from just below our shoulders to about the top of our hips. It is our abdominals and also include our ribs (intercostal) muscles, muscles on each side of our trunk, and very importantly our paraspinal muscles or muscles of our back.  Our core gives us support and movement for everything that we do.

Core Importance? We are as strong as or as weak as our core! Hercules core had to be very strong. He had incredible strength. When David threw with great force a stone that took down the mighty Goliath he must have had a strong core. All successful athletes that we see at the top of their respective game have strong cores. Pro women tennis players or college volleyball players have a strong core as does an NFL linebacker or the best fastball thrower in pro baseball. A strong core for increased athletic performance at the high school level is critical for the high school athlete to take it to the college or pro level.

What about the everyday me or you? Do we need a strong core? Do we move? Do we bend and lift? Certainly! All of the time. Do we like to do a certain activity of interest and do it well? Most people do. It may be biking, walking, fishing, kayaking etc.

What happens with a weak core? If our core is weak then we end up inactive. We sit or lay around most of the time! We have more injuries when we are forced to move. Our bodies just can’t handle the increased demands of movement. If we have physical jobs and our cores are weak we have more work injuries. Lifting, bending, twisting and turning all can be too much on the weak core. Even if we have a desk job or one that does not require much activity then typically sore low backs and tight necks are indicative of a weak core. Slouching and slumping due to poor posture puts great stress on the joints of the back and neck. Even driving a vehicle can be difficult or problematic for the inactive person. Specific core workout exercises, core training exercises, best core exercises, ab core exercises, core exercises for women, and core exercises for men are important to each individual.

Dr. Calhoun, Liberty Hill Chiropractor is experienced in prescribing core exercises specifically for your individual core needs. A stronger core will mean a higher quality of living and a stronger YOU! Call Dr. Lynn Calhoun, Chiropractor at 512-689-9864 for an appointment today. Chiropractic works!

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