Exercises for Your Spine

by Dr Calhoun | August 30th, 2011

Dr. Calhoun, Liberty Hill Chiropractor is an expert in exercises that increase every individuals ability to function. A stronger and more flexible body is a healthier body. Whatever your needs are, Dr. Calhoun can properly instruct you so that you can meet your goals.  After injury or chronic loss of function specific rehabilitation exercises are needed. These are usually range of motion and stretching exercises. As function is restored specific strengthening exercises will be prescribed. These may be paraspinal and core exercises.  Every individual is unique so Dr, Calhoun will recommend repetition and duration for each exercise.  You may have lower back pain and need back pain exercises. Back exercises for women, core training exercises and core strenthening exercises are very specific. If your goal is athletic enhancement for increased performance such as endurance, agility, speed or muscle building, Dr. Calhoun is experienced to instruct you to reach a higher level. Call 512-689-9864 today for an appointment. Chiropractic works!

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