Prevention and Whole Person Care:

by Dr Calhoun | October 19th, 2009

Dr.  Calhoun, Cedar Park Chiropractor is a “whole person” doctor who views pain as unique to each patient. Therefore, Dr. Calhoun doesn’t just focus on pain.  Dr. Lynn Calhoun’s care includes nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle goals (because all of those can add to your pain, so you need to address them if you really want to relieve your pain).

Prevention is integral to long-term health, and Dr. Calhoun strongly emphasizes it. If you can learn how to prevent pain by using good mechanics and maintaining good posture, you’ll be doing your body a favor that will last for years. This focus on prevention and self-care is another example of how Dr. Lynn Calhoun of Calhoun Chiropractic Center of Liberty Hill looks at the whole person, not just at the pain. Call 512-689-9864 for an appointment today!

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