Reaching Peak Athletic Performance

by Dr Calhoun | October 7th, 2014

The highest performing athletes in every sport function relative to prevention of injuries, correct treatment of injuries when they do happen (and they will) and moving with correct biomechanics during the activity. The sport may vary but the human musculoskeletal system works very specifically pushing the extremes. The horse may be fast but if the rider doesn’t work well with the horse the rider will limit the horse. If a volleyball player or football player does not know how to correctly move with the activity she/he will fall well short of reaching Peak Athletic Performance. It is also critical for the younger, growing and developing body to be evaluated and treated prior or during athletics. Otherwise the fruits of all labors will be less than expected.

Dr. Calhoun, Liberty Hill Chiropractor is an expert in all aspects of what affects the athlete. He can determine if non pain producing pain skeletal misalignments are limiting full range of motion. He can evaluate your biomechanics of your chosen sport to determine what is limiting you and what you can do better. Coupled with correct stretching, prep work, weight lifting and nutrition advice he can help you reach your peak. Call Dr. Calhoun 512-689-9864 today for your evaluation.


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