I have always been a little hesitant about chiropractors, but several people in my family swear by them.  I have horrible migraines and decided to start seeing Dr. Calhoun. Since I have been getting adjusted my headaches have decreased significantly. This has definitely changed my mind about how a chiropractor can make a difference in a big way.

Andrea C., Cedar Park


I have struggled with stiffness in my joints, especially knees and back, for many years.  Dr. Calhoun has really helped me with the pain and my mobility has improved considerably.  I can even say that mygolf game has improved as a result of my treatment.  Thank you, Lynn.      

Henry P. , Cedar Park


I have always referred to Dr. Calhoun as healing hands. Dr. Calhoun has an intuitive ability to identify my problems. I was always amazed that while correcting the issues in my back, Dr. Calhoun was able to also diagnose other problems that indicated I needed to see a physician. Dr. Calhoun is truly a special healer and I recommended him to my father. My father had a back problem that he had suffered for two years and within two sessions, Dr. Calhoun made his pain go away. He is truly remarkable and a credit to the helping professions.

 Linda S., Syracuse viagra