Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

by Dr Calhoun | October 13th, 2010


What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a condition caused by a pinched nerve in the wrist. Carpal tunnel symptoms are pain and numbness in the index and middle fingers and weakness of the thumb. The carpal tunnel receives its name from the eight bones in the wrist, called carpals, which form a “tunnel” through which the nerve leading to the hand extends.

At Calhoun Chiropractic Wellness Clinic,  Dr. Calhoun, Liberty Hill Chiropractor has treated hundreds of people with CTS with excellent results in relieving pain and doing so without Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery .

Signs and Symptoms:

Signs and symptoms of CTS include:

  • Nighttime painful tingling in one or both hands, frequently making it difficult to sleep
  • Feeling of uselessness in the fingers
  • A sense that fingers are swollen even though little or no swelling is apparent
  • Daytime tingling in the hands, followed by a decreased ability to squeeze things
  • Weakness in the muscle at the base of the thumb, near the palm
  • Pain shooting from the hand up the arm as far as the shoulder

What Causes It? :

The carpal tunnel is filled with tendons and nerves that control finger movement. Tasks requiring highly repetitive and or forceful movements of the wrist can cause MISALIGNMENT of one of the small bones on the inside of the wrist resulting in a pinched nerve and producing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

Who gets it? :

Anyone who uses their hands in a repetitive or forceful manner

This would include but not be limited to:

  • Those that use a computer on a regular basis
  • People working with small hand tools in manufacturing
  • All athletes
  • Those involved in part time golfing, tennis, biking and fishing
  • Knitters, quilters, crocheters and sewers
  • Professional drivers
  • Heavy equipment operators


Dr. Calhoun of Calhoun Chiropractic Wellness Clinic in Liberty Hill will examine you to see if your condition is CTS. If so, Dr. Calhoun can recommend a treatment plan and adjust the misaligned bone in the wrist to relieve pain. This may require more than one treatment. Many patients experience relief after only a few visits. Why suffer with a condition such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Call Dr Lynn Calhoun at Calhoun Chiropractic Wellness Clinic in Liberty Hill at 512-689-9864 for an appointment today.

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