Successful Patients

People successful in their professions and endeavors have long known that taking care of their bodies through chiropractic care has been a critical part of getting to and staying at the top. High School to professional athletes, actors, actresses, musicians, announcers, executives, coaches and more have encorporated chiropractic into their regular stay healthy/get stronger lifestyle. Below is just a short list.

Zig Ziglar-motivational speaker to many Fortune 5oo Companies

Alexander Calhoun-2011 Texas Highschool Lacrosse Allstar Goalie

Tom Brady-Allstar quarterback New England Patriots

Arnold Schwarzenegger-Body Builder, Actor

Dr. Franco Colombo-Body Builder, Mr Universe

Bill Bowman-Mens Head Coach Southwestern University Lacrosse

Mel Gibson-Actor

Dustin Andrews-Central Texas Highschool Football and Lacrosse Allstar

Bob Hope-Entertainer

Joe Montana-Allstar NFL quarterback San Francisco 49ers

Conrad Clevlend-2006-Texas High School Lacrosse Allstar Middie

Troy Aikman-Allstar NFL quarterback Dallas Cowboys

Denzel Washington-Actor

Wayne Gretzky-Allstar Hockey player

Steve McNulty-2007 Texas Highschool Lacrosse Allstar Goalie

Sylvester Stallone-Movie Actor

Seatle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers, Atlanta Falcons NFL Football Teams

Dan Marino-NFL Allstar

Music Groups: Alabama, Bon Jovi, Eagles, Van Halen, Extreme

Jane Seymour-Actress

Clint Eastwood-Actor

Cheryl Burke-“Dancing With The Stars”  Pro Dancer

The previous list is just a short list of the thousands of individuals and organizations that utilize chiropractic care to keep them at the top. Hope to see you at the top soon. Dr. Calhoun, Calhoun Chiropractic