Concussion Evaluation & Sports Injuries

by Dr Calhoun | December 8th, 2011

Any alteration in mental status with or without loss of consciousness that is caused by a biomechanical force is a concussion.  Head injuries are common in all types of sports.

Concussions account for 10% of all sports injuries. With the young athlete (ages 15-24) it is the 2nd leading cause of serious brain injury.

Typical early signs of a lower level concussion may include dizziness/vertigo, muddled thinking, headache, nausea, vomiting and amnesia. Later signs may be decreased attention and concentration, poor memory, persistent headache, fatigue, anxiety, depressed mood and sleep disturbances.

Any loss of consciousness whether brief or prolonged indicate a higher level and more serious injury.

The level of concussion and number of concussions will determine what treatment is necessary as well as how much time the athlete needs to be kept out of action to facilitate proper healing of the injury.

 Dr. Calhoun,  Liberty Hill Chiropractor is a specialist in  athletic injuries. Dr. Calhoun has been the team trainer for a number of high school and college football, lacrosse and basketball teams. If injured Dr. Calhoun can do a Concussion Evaluation to determine the severity of the injury and prescribe necessary treatment and rehabilition.  He can also recommend proper equipment that will prevent or minimize sports injuries such as concussions. Dr. Calhoun can be reached at 512-689-9864.

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